Monsterhearts 2 Skin - The Werewolf

Everyone around you seems so willing to play the roles they are handed, to quietly colour within the lines. They’ve been tamed, domesticated. You’re of a different stock: you’ve broken down the fence built to contain you. You’ve howled at the moon, and heard it howl back.

Now, the transformation is complete. This is what you were always meant to be. Wild. Unwavering. Alive.



Your Backstory

You lack subtlety. Give a String to everyone.

You’ve spent weeks watching someone from a distance. Their scent and mannerisms are unmistakable to you now. Gain two Strings on them.

Darkest Self

You transform into a terrifyingwolf-creature. You crave power and dominance, and those are earned through bloodshed. If anyone attempts to stand in your way, they must be brought down and made to bleed. You escape your Darkest Self when you wound someone you really care about or the sun rises, whichever happens first.



Add +1 to one of your stats
Take another Werewolf move
Take another Werewolf move
Take a move from any Skin
Take a move from any Skin
You belong to a Wolf Pack.



Choose one stat set
Hot 1 Cold -1 Volatile 2 Dark -1, OR
Hot 2 Cold -1 Volatile 1 Dark -1





Werewolf Moves

Choose two:

When you harm someone, take a String on them.
Add 1 to all rolls against those who have been harmed in this scene already.
When basked in moonlight, you may act as if you had Dark 3.
When basked in moonlight, any harm that you suffer is reduced by 1, and you add 2 to all rolls to Keep Your Cool.
When you rely on your animal instincts to make sense of a charged situation, roll with Dark. On a 10 up, ask the MC three questions from below and take 1 Forward. • On a 7-9, ask one question from below and take 1 Forward:
  • Where’s my best escape route or way in?
  • Which enemy is the most vulnerable to me?
  • What’s their secret weakness?
  • What poses the biggest threat to me?
  • Who’s in control here?
When you become your Darkest Self, mark experience.

Sex Move

When you have sex with someone, you establish a deep spiritual connection with them. Until either of you breaks that spirit connection (by having sex with someone else) add 1 to all rolls made to defend them. You can tell when that connection has been broken.

Playing The Werewolf

Aggressive, domineering, primal, and amorous. The Werewolf is primed for violence, and knows that physical dominance is the root of social power. They are territorial and dangerous, but they draw people in with their rough, lusty gorgeousness. Rounding out the Werewolf is a mystical, animal side: they are strongest when basked in moonlight and guided by primal instincts.

Both stat options highlight the Werewolf’s sexy, dangerous nature. Your choice is about whether they lean more toward a heart-breaker with a mean streak (Hot 2 & Volatile 1), or an unpredictable loose-cannon who it’s dangerous to get too close to (Hot 1 & Volatile 2).

The question of whether you can transform into the form of a wolf when not your Darkest Self is left up to individual groups to decide. You have the same stats and moves regardless of your current form.


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