Monsterhearts 2 Skin - The Vampire

You are beauty eternal. You are the darkness that everyone wants to taste, but no one dares understand. It’s there in your eyes, your carefully chosen words, and your every gesture: you no longer have a soul.

Some vampires revel in that fact, their afterlife a tapestry of hedonism and exsanguination. Others hate the evil in their skin, solemnly vowing to a chaste and lonely existence. Either way, someone suffers. The choice is yours.



Your Backstory

You’re beautiful. Gain a String on everyone.

Someone once saved your unlife. They gain 2 Strings on you.

Darkest Self

Everyone is your pawn, your plaything. You hurt them and make them vulnerable, for sport — like a cat does with a mouse. Maybe you’ll even drain them dry, though you’ll certainly take your time first. You escape your Darkest Self when you’re put in your rightful place, by someone more powerful than you.



Add +1 to one of your stats
Take another Vampire move
Take another Vampire move
Take a move from any Skin
Take a move from any Skin
You’re in a Vampiric Coterie.



Choose one stat set
Hot 2 Cold 1 Volatile -1 Dark -1, OR
Hot 1 Cold 2 Volatile -1 Dark -1





Vampire Moves

Choose two:

You cannot enter a home without being invited. Whenever someone invites you in, gain a String on them.
You can hypnotize people who have no Strings on you. Roll with Hot. On a 10 up, they do exactly what you wish and have no idea that anything is wrong. • On a 7-9, the hypnosis works, but choose one:
  • they realize exactly what you’ve done to them
  • they fuck up your commands
  • their sanity is unhinged
When you Shut Someone Down and roll a 7 or higher, you may choose an extra option from the list.
You feed on hot blood, direct from the source. If this is the first time they’ve ever been fed upon, you both mark experience. When you feed, choose two:
  • you heal 1 Harm
  • you take 1 Forward
  • they definitely don’t die
Feeding on someone establishes a preternatural bond. From that point forward, whenever you Gaze Into the Abyss concerning their whereabouts or well-being, roll as if you had Dark 3.
You may spend a String on someone to demand that they remain in your presence. If they still walk out on you, gain 2 Strings on them.

Sex Move

When you deny someone sexually, gain a String on them. When you have sex with someone, lose all Strings on them.

Playing The Vampire

Icy, manipulative, hypnotic, and cruel. The Vampire thrives on emotional entrenchment and control. The Vampire knows how to undermine the will of others, and often possesses an unsettling attitude toward consent.

Both stat options showcase the Vampire’s Hot and Cold nature, passionately romantic one minute and downright mean the next. Your choice is about which way the scale tends to lean: sexy or disdainful.

The Vampire has some moves that are downright scary, not because of anything supernatural, but because they are calculatingly and intimately violent. Playing a Vampire means contending with being a person who wilfully causes harm. Do you work toward redemption? Do you give in to dark temptation? Remember that you’re a main character in this story, and that means having a character arc beyond simply hurting others. Or, if not, be prepared to have your role change from protagonist to villain, as the other characters start sharpening up their stakes


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