Monsterhearts 2 Skin - The Queen

You’re one of the special ones. A sovereign beauty. You deserve more than the rest of this wretched world does. You deserve the will and worship of those around you.

And it’s not only because you’re better than them. It’s because you make them better. Stronger, more beautiful, complete. They’d be nothing without you.



Your Backstory

Name three side characters who are members of your gang. Gain a String on each.

You find someone threatening. Give them a String on you, and take a String on them.

Darkest Self

They’ve failed you. Again. This whole mess is their fault, and why should you have to suffer the consequences of their idiocy? You need to make an example out of each of them -- a cruel and unwavering example. You escape your Darkest Self when you relinquish part of your power to someone more deserving, or when you destroy an innocent person in order to prove your might.



Add +1 to one of your stats
Take another Queen move
Take another Queen move
Take a move from any Skin
Take a move from any Skin
Take The Clique again and detail another gang.



Choose one stat set
Hot 2 Cold 1 Volatile -1 Dark -1, OR
Hot -1 Cold 2 Volatile -1 Dark 1





Queen Moves

You gain The Clique, and choose two more:

You’re at the head of the toughest, coolest, most powerful clique around. They count as a gang. Choose one of the following strengths for your gang:
Clique #2:
When you’re surrounded by your gang, subtract 1 from any rolls against you.
You can give a side character a String on you to tempt them to do your bidding. The MC will tell you what sort of bribe, threat, or coaxing it’ll take to get that character to do what you want right now.
When someone betrays you, gain a String on them.
When you promise one of your gang members to someone, add 2 to your roll to Turn Them On. When one of your gang members has sex with someone, it triggers your Sex Move.
You have a telepathic connection with your gang members. You can always hear their emotions and fears. If you try to hear specific thoughts, Gaze Into the Abyss about it and add 1 to your roll.

Sex Move

When you have sex with someone, they gain the Condition one of them. While the Condition remains, they count as part of your gang.

Playing The Queen

Popular, dangerous, bitchy, and commanding. The Queen has a powerful clique who serves as their gang. Loyalty and control are crucial if the Queen is to retain their power, but everyone in the clique has their own set of needs and desires to contend with.

The two stat choices for the Queen allow you to slant toward being either desirable and commanding (Hot 2 & Cold 1) or cutthroat and secretive (Cold 2 & Dark 1). Either way, you’re not very good at getting your own hands dirty – with a low Volatile stat, you depend on others to fight your battles and keep you safe.

Depending on the origin you pick and your moves, the Queen can range from being a mundane human teen all the way to weird cosmic horror. More than any other Skin, you’re in control of just how supernatural to make them. Are you a bossy cheerleading captain, or a brooding alien swarm queen here to repopulate the earth?


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