Monsterhearts 2 Skin - The Hollow

They set out to make something from nothing. It’s not clear whether they succeeded or not. See, it turns out there’s a lot of grey area between something and nothing.

You’re alive, but you’re not real. You don’t have a soul. You don’t have childhood memories, because you don’t have a childhood. You don’t have parents; you have makers. And those makers forgot to give you a place in the world.



Your Backstory

You’ve been taking your social cues from someone, and doing so has taught you a lot about them. Gain 2 Strings on them.

Someone’s seen through your invented past, and realized it’s all lies. They gain 2 Strings on you.

Darkest Self

Your body is a prison. You don’t belong inside of it. You need to put it in harm’s way, and make it suffer, just like it’s made you suffer. There’s got to be a way to cut yourself out of it. You need to meet your makers, and hold them accountable for what they’ve done to you. To escape your Darkest Self, you must come to see how someone else feels more trapped than you do.



Add +1 to one of your stats
Take another hollow move
Take another hollow move
Take a move from any Skin
Take a move from any Skin
You've found Hollow Siblings



Choose one stat set
Hot 1 Cold -1 Volatile -1 Dark 2, OR
Hot -1 Cold -1 Volatile 2 Dark 1





Hollow Moves

Choose two:

When you gain a Condition, mark experience.
When you take an action that embodies one of your Conditions, allowing that Condition to alter your sense of self, cross it off and add 1 to your roll.
When you screw up, give yourself an appropriate Condition and take 1 Forward.
Add 1 to any rolls you make while lying.
When you Gaze Into the Abyss, on a 7 or higher the abyss will also show you what you must become, and you can permanently swap two of your stats.
You remember every detail of your death. When you tell someone about it, give them the Condition morbid and roll to Turn Them On with Cold.
When a main character either harms you or helps you heal, you can respond by studying them with wide eyes. If you do, temporarily gain one of their Skin Moves and add it to your character sheet. It disappears once you use it.

Sex Move

When you have sex with someone, both players secretly write down whether the sex was confusing or soothing for their character. If you reveal the same answer, both characters mark experience.

Playing The Hollow

Uncertain, unstable, impressionable, and lost. The Hollow doesn’t have a past, and is struggling to imagine their future. They’re in the midst of an existential crisis, and being not-quite-real they can only look to those around them for the answers.

The Hollow’s two stat options slant toward being either beautiful enigma (Hot 1 & Dark 2) or an erratic misfit (Volatile 2 & Dark 1). Their Cold stat is low, making it hard for them to confront their fears or stand up to others.

The Hollow is yearning for a sense of self, and clinging to any labels which seem like they might help cobble together an identity, which is why so many of their moves revolve around Conditions.

When you use Strange Impressions, you can gain any of the Skin Moves on the relevant sheet. You aren’t limited only to the ones which have been selected for that character. When you temporarily gain a move in this way, it doesn’t affect the other character’s access to it.

If the Hollow has sex with more than one person at once, everyone does the writing and revealing simultaneously. If the Hollow shared an answer with one or more characters, that’s the set of characters who mark experience.


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