Monsterhearts 2 Skin - The Ghoul

Death changed you. It took away your contemplative joy, it dulled your senses, and it left you impossibly hungry. That hunger is always with you, like a hum in your ears that swells and crescendos until you can’t hear anything else. Unattended, it will come to dominate you - but feeding it may be just as bad.

There is a certain beauty to what you’ve become. Your gaunt body, its unnatural form - it draws people in. Your stark disinterest is beguiling. But underneath that disaffected presentation - the hunger, the hunger.



Your Backstory

Someone reminded you what love was, when you thought that death had stolen it away from you forever. Give them a String.

Did anyone watch you die? If so, you gain 2 Strings on each other.

Darkest Self

Your dull hunger sharpens. You can’t focus on anything else but feeding. And in addition to your peculiar cravings, you recognize something else. That primordial hunger which connects all hungers. Flesh, blood, meat. You escape your Darkest Self once you’ve overindulged, or you’ve been locked out for long enough to regain composure.



Add +1 to one of your stats
Take another ghoul move
Take another ghoul move
Take a move from any Skin
Take a move from any Skin
You're part of a Reckless Crew



Choose one stat set
Hot -1 Cold 1 Volatile 2 Dark -1, OR
Hot -1 Cold 2 Volatile -1 Dark 1





Ghoul Moves

You get The Hunger, and choose two more

You have a Hunger for (circle 1):

When you heedlessly pursue a Hunger, add 1 to rolls. When you ignore a promising feeding opportunity, roll to Keep Your Cool.
Your body contains many histories, and it desires many things. Create another Hunger.
When you satiate a Hunger, choose one:
  • heal 1 Harm;
  • mark Experience;
  • take 1 Forward.
When you die, wait it out. A few hours later, you wake up fully healed.
When you defend someone without them ever knowing about it, mark experience.
You remember every detail of your death. When you tell someone about it, give them the Condition morbid and roll to Turn Them On with Cold.
When you Gaze Into the Abyss, the abyss will share with you its Hunger. Treat that Hunger as one of your own until you satiate it, and mark experience when you do so.

Sex Move

When you have sex with someone, create a new Hunger.

Playing The Ghoul

Obsessive, dangerous, morbid, and quiet. The Ghoul is constantly contending with voracious Hunger, and the emotional distance brought on by death makes it easier to do bad things in pursuit of feeding. They might be a flesh-eating zombie, or something a little more subtle and strange.

The two stat choices for the Ghoul paint a portrait of the character as either cruel and erratic (Volatile 2 & Cold 1) or disaffected and portentous (Cold 2 & Dark 1). Since The Hunger forces you to Keep Your Cool to avoid a feeding opportunity, your Cold stat plays a pivotal role in maintaining self-control.

Watchful Golem and Esprit de Corpse both present the ability to steer the Ghoul in a couple different directions. Are you watching over others out of a deep-rooted but unexpressed sense of care? Or are you skulking around serving them because death took away your sense of independence?

Short Rest For the Wicked is a recipe for pandemonium. It’s also an invitation to the MC to frame you into a new, dramatic situation. A lot can happen in a few hours.

Your Sex Move prompts you to create a new Hunger. It can be anything you like, and it’s added to your character alongside their existing Hungers. If you have sex often, you’ll find your appetite growing wider and weirder all the time.


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